Fisher Amelie, What can I say? When I have had the opportunity to speak to her online she comes across as a total sweetheart, corky, and fun loving. Even better, are her books. I couldnt even begin to choose a favorite, I love them all. She writes a love story so good it will leave you having a secret affair with the ficitional characters… Haha…

I have fallen in love with her books, and am so excited for her next to come out, and the next, and the next…. On top of them being great, she relates them to music, all of them. I am a music lover and truly appreciate how she creates scenarios that make you fall in love with music as the characters do, and still follow each character so closely that you feel as if you are part of their gang, you are in the book. She’s an amazing author! Again, I pray I get to meet her in person one day!

Fisher Amelie author of Callum and Harper, Thomas and January, and the Understory Series.