My name is Kelsey Keeton. I am happily married and mother to 2 beautiful children. I am basically a stay at home mom, but also travel withy dad and sister singing in a Branson based traveling variety show. I am also a licensed cosmotologist, photographer, and art education major. But this is about my LOVE of books. I’ve NEVER been a reader… Literally I can name 2 books I actually read until the Twilight Saga. When my mother-in-law suggested I read them I argued with her I hated reading and probably wouldn’t make it past the 1st chapter… Needless to say I read the whole book in one night, the 2nd book in one night, and so on. I became obsessed with it and Loves it! My daughter who was to be named Lily is now proudly carrying the name Bella. I read it several times. In 2011 I got a kindle and now am ADDICTED to reading. I read about a book a day… Sometimes I have to take breaks because family comes first, but of I get a free moment you will find a book in my hand… So now here I am, a once book hater to a book blogger! Funny how life can change in an instant! I hope my reviews inspire you and you find new books and authors to read. Just remember if you hate to read, you probably just haven’t found the right book! Trust me!!!

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