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Abbi Glines “Vincent Boys/Brothers”

I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! Abbi Glines quickly became one of my favorite authors! I fell in love with the characters and love the ruggedness to them. I felt like you could truly connect with these characters… Well at least I could being from a small town where the parties are held out in the cow fields!! Lol. I love there was no reserve on the love and romance yet was still tasteful ( not that I still wouldn’t have loves it of it was more risqué) she just captures just enough to get your own adrenaline pumping and your palms sweat! Overall, I can easily say these books are some of my most favorite!!!!


Estilorian Love “Raine Thomas”

I recently got done reading “The Daughter’s of Saraquel” series by the amazing author Raine Thomas. First off let me say I’m extremely glad I was introduced to her by Tiffany King. I love her books and the message that is delivered in then!! Faith, courage, joy, hope, and the greatest… The power of love and all that can be conquered through love. These books hold great love stories and plenty of action, twists, and turns!

Premonition Series by Amy Bartol

I recently finished reading The Premonition series by Author Amy A. Bartol. I fell in love with these books. I seriously am so torn on Evies Love life and want to fight for each man in her life even though one is bad. I love this series and I find myself constantly thinking about it. I’m impatiently waiting for the 4th book to come out. As a music lover I’m filling my waiting time with songs that fit the book series. So, I want to share 2 songs I have found that if you’ve read the series and loved them you’ll Love the songs because they are legit Evie and Reed songs. If you haven’t read them, then the songs will give you an insight into what they’re about… Which is nothing short of Amazing!

“Angel With A Shotgun” by The Cab
“Arms” by Christina Perri