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Abbi Glines “Vincent Boys/Brothers”

I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! Abbi Glines quickly became one of my favorite authors! I fell in love with the characters and love the ruggedness to them. I felt like you could truly connect with these characters… Well at least I could being from a small town where the parties are held out in the cow fields!! Lol. I love there was no reserve on the love and romance yet was still tasteful ( not that I still wouldn’t have loves it of it was more risqué) she just captures just enough to get your own adrenaline pumping and your palms sweat! Overall, I can easily say these books are some of my most favorite!!!!


Estilorian Love “Raine Thomas”

I recently got done reading “The Daughter’s of Saraquel” series by the amazing author Raine Thomas. First off let me say I’m extremely glad I was introduced to her by Tiffany King. I love her books and the message that is delivered in then!! Faith, courage, joy, hope, and the greatest… The power of love and all that can be conquered through love. These books hold great love stories and plenty of action, twists, and turns!

Author Tiffany King

Author of “Saving Angels Series,” “Wishing for Someday Soon,” “Forever Changed,” and upcoming Book “Unlikely Allies.”

This Author has become a dear twitter friend.. LOL. She is also an author who helps me out with donating books to help raise money for organizations my family benefits at concerts. I have read all her books, and loved them all, but my favorite of hers currently is Wishing for Someday Soon. She moved me and inspired me with this book. Her main character is a young girl who is in a home life that is completely unfathomable. She is afraid of foster care systems because she doesn’t want to be seperated from her little brother. She falls in love with a boy and a family who suddenly change her life for the better. It’s such a hopeful book and makes me YEARN to help foster care children more and more. Her books always have a great love story, which is something I always look for when reading! I highly suggest you read her books, follow her on twitter, and facebook. She is an inspiring women and an amazing author. I am proud to call her a friend even though I have yet to meet her personally, but someday soon I will!!

Welcome to Kelsey’s Book Blog!

Welcome to my book blog. I decided to start this blog because I have become such an obsessive reader and I know reading others reviews help lead me to other books and authors… So here is my insight on the books I have read! I hope they help you in choosing what great story you want to read next!!